“I like Back to Loving Me because it is versatile…It’s nice to have a resource for clients that focuses on empowerment, since many have low levels of self-esteem.”
-PEI Family Violence Prevention Services, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

View the full testimonial here: PEI Family Violence Prevention Services Testimonial

“We have been offering the book – Back to Loving Me – to all women both in shelter and through our community support and received comments such as…”insightful, helpful in my journey, caused me to think of my situation, inspiring”…back from many women.”  

– Denise House, Oshawa, ON, Canada

View the full testimonial here: Denise House Testimonial

“This book was used to help women in the shelter recognize and grow from their past experiences…This book is recommended to help facilitate group discussions or individual reading. This book will allow readers to further understand their authentic selves.”  

– ETA Vaughan Women’s Centre and Outreach Centre, Vaughan, ON, Canada

View the full testimonial here: ETA Vaughan Testimonial

“It would be a great workbook for women to use on their own, or in group work.”

– BC Society of Transition Houses, Vancouver, BC, Canada

View the full testimonial here: BC Society of Transitional Houses Testimonial

“Anyone that follows this, reads the book, takes each part and thinks; you’re going to find your life will start to change.”                 

– Bob Proctor, Chairman, Proctor Gallagher Institute

View Bob Proctor’s full video testimonial here: Bob Proctor’s Testimonial

“OWN and the Alfreda Mordas Reading Room recommends this vital resource book – Back to Loving Me by Lourita Lue-Shing”

-Older Women’s Network, Toronto, ON, Canada

View the full testimonial here: OWN Newsletter June 2016

“The feedback from the women as well as staff have been positive.  Some of the comments include: helping me with my self-esteem, understanding myself and increasing my awareness of self and others.”

– Wings of Providence, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

View the full testimonial here: Wings of Providence Testimonial

“I really liked that the book was at a reading level that was comfortable for everyone.  I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone because, even as a facilitator, I took a lot from the book that I could apply not only to my work but to my personal life as well.” 

– Chief Mary Bernard Memorial Women’s Shelter, Lennox Island, PEI, Canada

View the full testimonial here: Chief Mary Bernard Testimonial

“The book has proved to be an excellent resource for women facing abuse and aiding in gaining self awareness, self-esteem, courage, and discovering a healthier and happier life.”

– Xolhemet Society, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

View the full testimonial here: Xolhemet Society Testimonial



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  1. Nicole

     /  April 18, 2016

    Dear Lourita,

    Today, April 18, 2016, I, Nicole, a survivor of domestic violence, want to thank you very warmly about your fantastic book: ” Back to loving me”! I am absolutely flabbergasted about it!

    Presently, I am writing you a short comment about its efficiency and later on I intend to give you a more detailed report about it because you might want to know what did work for me and the many parts that contributed to the positive changes in my challenging life.
    For a long time…until I read your wonderful book…my evolution as a human and a spiritual being was constantly interrupted. I would get to a certain stepping stone, then something will happened and I will be force to experience a lot of negativity all over . And this process would repeat itself again, and again!

    A movie that started to bring me on the recovery path is: ” What the blimp do we know? “. I started to observe myself and then continue to do so with the discovery of the book: ” The Secret ” and also the next book that came from the same author which was a more spiritual approach…

    Since, for many years, until now…I tried to improved myself mainly by observing myself and succeeded at a certain degree but it is only when I started to read your amazing book that I could start seeing more dramatic change into my life!

    So now, I am at last able to get out faster of bad situations and also to see the absurdity to stay in one. I am also starting to refuse situations that will bring me down along the way! It is not necessary to tell you that the chapter about assertiveness and the chapter about conflict resolutions were the most useful for me . Well what I do not remember about myself…until now, is trying to go through a conflict because usually I will endure it or run from it, something now that I try to resolve.

    My heart is full of gratitude for all the changes that you are able to produce for so many of us, women of habits…habits about being condescend, habits about putting always people before us, habits about being invisible and miserable, habits beings victims and martyrs.

    At last I can see a much brilliant future for the women of this world who are representing at least half and maybe more of humanity. Because of this… we should have the absolute right to make of this world, a manifestation of our best visions for this Earth!

    With all my gratitude and respects,


    P.S.: Thank you from all my heart for giving me your super book of changing life experience. I will be thankful for all eternity! It is not only a very well writing and practical book, it is also very uplifting and your soul is imprinted on every page…Sometimes I would receive your directives as a powerful lighting in my heart!
    P.S.: It is my counsellor at the second stage program where I am right now, Kathy Brown from Canada, who passed me the magic book to keep.

  2. Thank you Nicole for your kind words and taking the time to write! I wish you all the very best in your journey! 🙂 Lourita


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