Create the life you want,
Break free from your limiting beliefs,
Move past your fears and comfort zone,
Accept who you are,
Honor the person you are growing to be,
Love and embrace your remarkable journey.

We all deserve to have an empowered, authentic life. We deserve to live with happiness, love, peace, and purpose and to shape the direction of our lives. We deserve to live passionately, having and doing what brings us joy. We deserve to be ourselves, to be treated with respect, and to love and accept ourselves for who we are. We deserve to dream big and have all those dreams come true. We deserve all this and the choice to live our lives the way we want.
My dream was to be a Journalist, Author, and Speaker.  When I made the decision to write my new book, I had to grow to be a greater person – someone that can offer empathy, understanding, and guidance through learned experience.  I was not an expert or authority in personal development. I used the self-empowerment principles in the book in my own life to create powerful change: I stopped seeking the approval of others, and used my skills and talents to find work I am passionate about.  I learned to love myself again and know that I deserve more.  I learned forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude.  I now believe that I choose my own path and have found more love, happiness, and purpose.  I’ve still got a lot to accomplish on my personal and professional journey; I am growing, learning, and on my way.
If I can pursue my dreams, you can too.  Believe that you deserve to have the life you want. Use your strengths, talents, abilities, and gifts to your best advantage and find ways to overcome obstacles. 
You can create the results you want in your life.  And you deserve it!!
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