“This above all: to thine own self be true”   

-William Shakespeare


 Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

You have special skills, talents, personalities, preferences, needs, desires, values, and virtues.  This is what makes you who you are!  But in your past, you may have had experiences that led you to believe that you were not good enough the way you are, worthy enough have all the want, or have the ability to succeed.  You may have made decisions that were not in line with your authentic self because of perceived barriers, circumstances at the time, or fear. Know that you are exactly who you were meant to be and that all the experiences of the past has helped to grow you. You are the person you are today because of your experiences and the lessons you’ve learned.

On our journey together, feel free to ask yourself the question, “Who Am I?” as many times as you feel the need to.  As you seek out to find the answers, you will discover more of your unique and authentic self.  Be proud of you. Honour you.  Love the wonder that you are.  

I have found my journey to reclaiming my authentic self to have many levels of meaning.  I would love to share with you a poem I wrote about who I am from the level of my soul. I hope you enjoy it:


When My Soul Speaks
by Lourita Lue-Shing

When my soul speaks
I hear a gently calling
A song inside my heart
That guides me into waking

A pull towards a feeling
Of knowing what is true
That my purpose in life
Is to be and not to do

For I am guided by a spirit
That lives inside of me
To shine a light upon the world
So that others can also be

Never will I be alone
Though sometimes I feel I might
I’m connected so deeply to one and all
A sharing of our inner light

I ask not that everyone else
Will understand my ways
Striving to accept, forgive, cherish, and love
Unconditionally all my days

I often look for answers
To questions beyond this earth
Seeking the meaning of life and love
And the reason for my birth

But I hope to never find all the answers
Burning in my heart
Because asking these many questions
Is what sets me worlds apart

To doubt what I believe
Means only that I grow
Closer to my enlightened self
And what I so deeply know

I am spirit, I am love
I am infinite energy
Not worried about earthly gifts
Because it flows abundantly

I can grow weary sometimes
When life tries me day to day
Open to the reasons though
Why these challenges are sent my way

For wisdom is a patient teacher
And I have such gratitude
For its lessons in strength
And to test my attitude

I know I’ll be rewarded
Because I will attract to me
More than I could ask for
By simply living authentically

I’m in awe of the world
To which I am bound
But in my soul’s voice
I know that I have found

All that there is
And all that can be
Is infinite love and passion
And how I know I’m free.


I hope you will treasure the time you give yourself to discovering your unique and authentic self.  And remember, life’s a journey.  Who you are has changed and will change.  Accept and embrace who you are now and discover the life you want to create.   Just be patient, kind, and loving to yourself.  Who you are is amazing.


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