Believe that you are good enough the way you are,

you are worthy enough to have all you want,  and

you have the ability to succeed. 


Conquer your fears!

If you felt that there was nothing standing in your way, ask yourself…

  • What would my life be like?
  • What would change?
  • What would I have?
  • What would I do differently?
  • What would my relationships be like?
  • What kind of person would I be?
  • How happy would I be?

In my new book, “Back to Loving Me: Reclaiming your Authentic Self”,  I introduce eight self-empowerment principles that are based on the belief that we choose the direction of our lives. We need to look deeply into ourselves to find out where our old beliefs originated, let them go, and create new positive beliefs that better serve us.

How we react to our experiences in the past determines our experiences today, as well as in the future. When we believe that we choose our own path, we can move forward in a positive direction. The following is a list of beliefs we must accept in order to feel in control of our lives:

  • We are responsible for the choices in our lives.
  • We choose our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • We determine who we are and the direction of our lives.
  • We choose how we feel about ourselves.
  • We are responsible for our health and emotional well-being.
  • We choose our attitudes about what happens to us.
  • Others are not responsible for our experiences.
  • Others are not to blame for our choices.
  • We are not responsible for others.

Using self-empowerment principles will help free you from your limiting beliefs and move you past your fears and comfort zone, so that you can create the life you want and have everything you deserve. Applying these principles will help you to rediscover your true self, overcome whatever challenges you may be facing, embrace change, pursue whatever you want, and achieve success.    

Your new path may lead to:

  • better health
  • increased self-esteem
  • improved relationships
  • more wealth
  • greater sense of fulfillment


These affirmations were taken from my new book.  I hope you will find them helpful:


I am responsible for myself.
   I create my own experiences.

I accept my past and learn from it.
   I make responsible choices today.

I have many choices.
   I am the decision-maker in my life.

I choose what is best for me.
   I choose what is most loving.

I take the responsibility for my choices.
   I can handle anything that comes my way.

I am an excellent problem-solver.
   I can weigh the pros and cons in any situation.

I am in complete control of my life.
   I am only responsible to myself.

I do what makes me feel happy.
   I am on track and on purpose with my life.

I accept my life’s journey.
   I accept what I cannot control.

I accept the decisions of other people.
   I am responsible for my thoughts and feelings.

I make decisions easily.
   I can make important decisions.

I hold myself accountable to my choices.
   I take ownership for my decisions.

I am responsible for the consequences of my actions.
   I am proactive and consider different options.

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