This is your life, embrace it!

It’s not how many times you have fallen or failed that determines your life,
but the number of times you get back up.


You can succeed no matter what experiences you have had in the past that have held you back from becoming the person you want to be. You can let go of the past and you have the courage to move forward. By becoming more self-aware and knowing that you are good enough as you are now, you will experience more abundance in every aspect of your life and create lasting change. Whether your goal is to be healthy, develop greater self-esteem, decrease stress, improve your relationships, have more wealth, or find meaningful work, you can obtain everything you want and need.

I am grateful for the many failures of my past because without them, I would not have become the person I am today.  By never giving up, I learned that it’s not the number of times a person falls that defines them, but the strength and courage it took to get back up every time and start over again.  I wrote my new book, Back to Loving Me: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self, to encourage you to let go of who you were in the past, accept the person you are now, and grow into who you want to be in the future.
The greatest lesson I’ve learned in my own journey back to loving me really is living true to my authentic self.  We all have our own uniqueness as well as our own greatness.  Loving, accepting, and honoring the person we are, the decisions we made in the past, and who we are growing to become, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others.


I wrote the following poem for all of the people who inspired me to let go and take chances. This is my journey back to loving me, one that might resonate with you:

by: Lourita Lue-Shing

I stand upon an island
Looking out to shore
It is unfamiliar land so far away
But I dream of something more

I touch the water
The path that divides the two
I am scared to leave this place I know so well
To seek out something new

I enter feet first
And feel the cold upon my skin
So bravely do I set out to move
Away from anything I’ve been

But the swim is not easy
Its resistance pulls me in
I head back to where I started from
Now where do I begin?

I meet others on the island
That help me on my way
They tell me the path is hard and long
To work at it every day

I learn about the water’s current
And the wind so hard to bear
If I accept its natural course, I’m told
The flow will take me there

I meet others on the journey, too
They’ve been exactly where I’ve been
We’re learning how to build a boat, they say
Forget everything you’ve heard, anything you’ve seen

They are visionaries, these folks
I see myself in their pride
And join them as they build their boats
From the strength they have inside

Time passes and my boat is done
I’m ready and set off on the course
I might fail a few times again
But I know how to fix the source

I look backward and move forward
And smile at the irony
That it took a long, hard path ahead
To bring me back to loving me

I reach the shore on my own time
Still scared but somehow calm
Looking far back to the island now
I know this is where I belong

I’m sad that others I care about
Are now so far away
But I can still love them always
And hope to embrace them here one day

Where one journey ended now I begin
Learning what to accept and refuse
Step by step, fast or slow
And knowing I can choose.


As my gift to you, a full-color copy of this poem can be downloaded for free by clicking here.


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