Spring Forward


Ah, spring! It’s the season of new beginnings, new hope! Leaves start to grow on trees, flowers begin to blossom, the temperature is warmer and the days are longer. Morning mist greets you early morning as you smell the fresh air and hear the sweet song of birds. After a long winter, you may decide to keep your windows open for a while; closing them for the rain that helps the flowers grow.  Much of nature has spring fever; they instinctively migrate, mate, lay their eggs, give birth, or raise their young. Many new relationships form in spring; couples decide to tie the knot. You may find yourself with a lot to do. It’s the season for spring cleaning and planting seeds.  It’s also a time when you may decide to move, purge, or buy new things – clothing, furniture, cars, and more. Appreciate: Spring has returned; enjoy it and feel renewed.*

*Excerpt from Happy Christmas: 101 Blessings to be Grateful For All Year Round

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