Be grateful for winter

winter-3126589_640When temperatures started to fall to below the freezing mark, you may have had a warm nostalgia come over you. The holiday season was approaching.  You may have looked forward to the celebrations and visits with family and friends. You may have been busy decorating, buying gifts, and writing greeting cards. You enjoyed in the festivities, exchanged presents, and created fond memories. Perhaps you rang in the New Year with a sip of champagne and good cheer.  When 2018 came, you may reflected on the past year’s accomplishments and made a New Year’s resolution to do something different.

Now, you might feel lethargic. The weather is cold, the air is dry, and daylight hours are short. You’re often tasked with shovelling snow and have longer driving times. You stay indoors in an attempt to keep warm. You may feel like you are just waiting for spring.

Take time to live in the moment. Remember when you were a kid and you would stick out your tongue during a snowfall, waiting for a snowflake to land on it? Remember the joy you felt when a cold  little flake melted in your mouth?

You can find ways to appreciate the season. You can awe at the beautiful white silhouette of trees that the snow created. You might like to ski or skate with friends or make a snowman with the kids.  You may like to stay indoors, sit by the fire, or drink hot chocolate.  It’s okay to take some time to rest.

Be grateful for winter; that you may have a season of rest, reflection, and time with loved ones.


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