The fastest way to happiness

We all have struggles and challenges we face.  Perhaps it’s a health concern.  Perhaps it’s a financial situation. Maybe a relationship isn’t working out the way we hoped it would. Whether it’s health, wealth, love, or something else, what we really want is to be happy.  But how can we feel happy when life isn’t going the way we want it to?

The fastest way to feel happy NOW is by being grateful.  If we focus our attention away from our struggles towards what we’re thankful for, we start to feel a shift immediately. When we truly experience a feeling of gratefulness and appreciation, the feeling of happiness always follows.

Try it: What are you grateful for? Are there people in your life you appreciate?  Is there something or someone you love? Are there hobbies or activities you enjoy doing?  Do you have a memory that warms your heart?  Did you have an experience that made you laugh? What do you love about yourself? Are you grateful to be alive?  Can you see, hear, smell, taste, touch?  Can you walk, run, jump, skip, move? Can you appreciate being able to breathe and having a heartbeat?

After trying the exercise: Did you feel a shift? Do you feel happier?  If you did, that’s wonderful!  If you didn’t, try it again, and with practice you will start to feel a change.  The more you’re able to find things to be grateful for, and be able to repeat this exercise, the happier you will be.


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