You’re stronger than you think

Life often gives us challenges that can test our strength and our resilience. Sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever get past the disappointments, hurt, and frustrations that come our way.  It happens to all of us. Know that you are stronger than you think.  You may or may not believe it at the time, but you are.

Think back; was there ever a time you faced a difficult situation you thought would never resolve and got through it? Did you survive something worse than what you’re facing now?  Did you ever wonder how you would ever overcome a situation only to look back later and realize it was for the better?  Did you find out more about yourself as a person?  Did you learn lessons that would help you in the future?

I’m willing to bet that you will find evidence in your life where you have overcome difficulties and grew stronger as a result.  It wasn’t easy, but you conquered.  Remind yourself of how courageous you are.  You have endured and you will endure. You are strong!



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